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EOS Block Producer Voting Tool

Voting Option 1

Please download our secured EOS Voting desktop application:

Or use the web interface below

Downloadable EOS Voting Tool

We have decided to create a standalone EOS voting application that signs your transactions locally with your private key and then executes the transaction on the blockchain. The reason for this is multi-fold:

  • The only EOS voting tool that is endorsed is a command line application which is difficult to install and use and will greatly limit access to voting.
  • Scatter, the most popular EOS wallet, did not receive an official endorsement from the community as a safe voting tool and many voters have reported having issues importing their accounts.
  • The alternative web voting interface below relies on Scatter, and even though your private key never leaves your browser, we wanted to provide you an extra level of security through an application that runs outside the browser and the potential reach of toolbars, botnets and other bad actors.

Voting Option 2

Download Scatter

Scatter is like MetaMask for the EOS blockchain. It is a browser extension that can sign transactions and run commands on the blockchain directly from your browser.

Unlock your Scatter

You have to make sure that your scatter browser extension is unlocked.

Import Private Key and Account

You should have an EOS public and private key from when you registered your tokens. You will need to import these keys into Scatter so that it can sign transactions on your behalf on the blockchain.

Once you have a key and identity configured on scatter:
click here or the "Init Scatter" to add the network endpoint for the eos blockchain.

Then, open scatter and edit your identity, under the account section, select the endpoint for the mainnet chain (starts with aca3...) and the name of the key you just imported and click import. Then, select the account ending with @active. click "Use Selected Account" and click save to save the Identity. Now that you are ready to vote, please click here or the "Init Scatter/Vote" button.

Command Line EOS App This requires the EOS dev environment installed on your local machine.

Your EOS Account Name.
If you have cleos installed, you can copy paste this into your command line.
./ system voteproducer prods accountname eosliquideos -p accountname

Select Current Rank Owner Total Votes Percentage of Votes